Maestro: Nikolay Bogatzky

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Maestro Nikolay Bogatzky (Николай Богацки) was born in Bulgaria in 1976. After finishing his Diploma in Violin he studied Conducting and Musical pedagogy at the National Academy of Music "P. Vladigerov" in Sofia.
In Italy he completed a Bachelor’s Academic Degree (Baccalaureato) in Gregorian Chant and a Master’s Academic Degree (Magistero) in Choral Conducting at the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music of Rome and a Master's Academic Degree ( Second Level Academic Diploma) in Orchestral Conducting at the Conservatory of "Santa Cecilia" in Rome, specialising in Orchestral Conducting at the "Arts Academy" in Rome, culminating in a Masterclass in Orchestral Conducting and with two Masterclasses in Choral Conducting at the Conservatory of "Santa Cecilia" in Rome. He studied Conducting under Maestros Valentino Miserachs, Walter Marzilli, Bruno Aprea and Francesco Vizioli. Furthemore, he completed the Laurea in Political Science, specializing in International Relations at the University of "Roma Tre" in Rome.
His conducting has led him to collaborate with choirs and orchestras both in Italy and abroad. He has directed the chorus of the Opera School for the Choir "Interuniversitario" in Rome and "Schola Cantorum Bellarminiana" (a school of Gregorian Chant) at San Roberto Bellarmino in Piazza Ungheria in Rome. He is the Artistic Director of "Accordi" Cultural Association, as well as being Maestro of the "Academica" orchestra and of the following choirs: "Academicus", "Angelicus" (sacred music for youth choir), "Les Bonbons" (a youth choir), School of Liturgical Chants (a solemn liturgical choir of the Basilica di San Marco Evangelista al Campidoglio in Piazza Venezia in Rome) and the Music Chapel of Saints Cyril and Methodius (concentrating on Orthodox music at the Church of Santi Vincenzo e Anastasio in Piazza Fontana di Trevi in Rome).